California Baseball Academy USA (CBA) will provide all of our players with the best venue to further their baseball interests and ultimately reach their goals on the field and in life.  We are dedicated to not only the baseball development of our players but also the personal development and growth of all of the young men in our program.  To CBA, baseball is the tool to help develop the characteristics and independence necessary to not only be successful on the field, but more importantly, in life. Through our positive learning environment, respect for the game, and our ability to put our players against the best competition in amateur baseball we can provide an unrivaled club baseball experience for all of our players.

  • Over 800 college committed players in 8 years as an organization
  • Attend top events for maximum exposure
  • All players sponsored by Marucci, Victus, & Lizard Skinz
  • FieldLevel Recruiting Platform for all players
  • Top Ranked Club teams nationally
  • Exposure opportunities for all of our teams and players
  • CBA College Camps

Being a part of California Baseball Academy USA is an exceptional experience for all of our baseball players. If you aspire to be a CBA Baseball Player, here's a few things you can look forward to while you are wearing our uniform.


CBA Memberships for All Areas includes:

  • CBA Evaluation Days (Valued at $250)  - Periodically, CBA will run player evaluation days where our players will participate in skills and athletic assessments. Our evaluation days will help our development staff track the growth of our players' ability on the field and allow to us to guide our players' to perform to the best of their ability. The results from these activities  will help our staff track the growth of our players' ability on the field and allow us to certify your player profiles to streamline them to collegiate programs or MLB scouts See the results from previous CBA Evaluation Days

  • FieldLevel Recruiting Profile (Valued at $250 With 8000+ Connections, CBA players are the most sought after within the network. With the combination of the best recruiting staff mixed with the best recruiting platform, the results we have with playing players to all collegiate levels (DI, DII,DIII, NAIA, & JC) is unmatched compared to any program in the country. Join the CBA Recruiting Network Here

  • CBA Mental Skills/Mental Health Workshops (Valued at $350) Emphasis on the mental side of sport is a key component often overlooked in the player development process. We have made it a priority to ensure all CBA players have access to the tools to ensure they build mental toughness and a complete enjoyment for the game they play. Join our next Mental Skills Workshop Here

  • Scientifically-Backed Strength & Sports Performance (Valued at $195) - California Baseball Academy USA partners with several training facilities and programs to benefit our members.  This includes the training franchise "Athletic Republic," which is housed in Legends Athletic Performance in Fontana. With 30 years of exercise physiology research and over 300 locations worldwide, AR is the largest sports performance entity in the world. If you are too far from one of our locations, we  bring the performance to you through our strength app powered by Legends 365.

  • College Exposure - When you become a CBA player, you will have the opportunity to participate in competitive events where college coaches are present in addition to college team camps and our own college camp.  We can also help provide the knowledge and experience to help players through the recruiting process during your time as a CBA player. 
  • Perfect Game Discounts - All CBA Players will receive premium discounts to select Perfect Game Showcases and other Events.
  • College Camps - Access to our own College Showcase Camps, where college coaches actively recruit and teach CBA players on the field. The College Camps are designed to help our players gain exposure and showcase their abilities in front of some of the best collegiate programs in the country. Camps for 2013 will take place in Southern California and Texas.
  • Marucci & Victus Sponsorship: All CBA players will have 12 month access to everything Marucci  & Victus has to offer at considerably reduced prices, including aluminum bbcor bats, wood bats, batting gloves, etc. CBA players will use Marucc woodi bats and batting gloves exclusively. There will be other benefits and opportunities exclusive to CBA players as we move forward with Marucci & Victus. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to our players using the best products in baseball. 

Membership Dues

  • All membership dues are nonrefundable and nontransferable 
  • To cancel your membership CBA maintains a 15 day notification period
  • Email jonpaino@icloud.com to cancel your membership 




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